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These designs are carefully manufactured by the measurements given by our clients. Shanghai WJ is capable of manufacturing any customized designs given. For the shirt stitching, we fine tuned our sewing machines so that our shirts produced will not have obvious crumpled lines.

We enjoy listening to our customer needs so we can produce what they are expecting for. Shanghai WJ pursue 100% satisfaction from every customer that walks into our office.

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Collar Button

Single Button
Double Buttons

Collar Point / Stay

Exposed Collar Point Button
Hidden Collar Point Button
Removable Collar Bone
Hidden Collar Bone


Thin Nylon Button
Thick Nylon Button


V-shape two size cuffs
Straight two size cuffs
Straight one size two buttons cuffs


Pocket Embroidery
Shirt Stitching


Normal Packaging
Wide Packaging
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