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Textile / Fabric

Shanghai WJ is starting to trade into the textile sector as we believe that we have the market power and has the competitive prices in the market in the whole of China today. Our yarns are produced by high grade yarns manufactured by well known factory with ISO 9000 standards. Our 80-double fabrics are well-liked by our existing customers and is already expanding into different markets in the Asia Pacific. Our fabrics mainly consist  of stripes and checkers designs which is the famous designs around the whole world today.


Mercerized Fabric

Shanghai WJ textile uses mercerized (pearle) cotton to give our fabric the increased lust. The added desirable water handling properties gained are a secondary bonus. The cotton was smoothed by exterminating the hairiness in this process. The mercerized fabric will remain its luster and smoothness even after many wear and washes.

Please view our fabric designs online

  • Dobby Yarn Dyed Stripes
  • Dobby Yarn Dyed Checkered
  • Plain Yarn Dyed Stripes
  • Plain Yarn Dyed Checkered

    Evolutionary Innovative

    Shanghai WJ not only can manufacture but also has the ability to reproduce the same fabric by having a piece of swatches. We can reproduce the same fabric by up to 95%. We can also produce customized fabric given by customers.

    Pricing with Market Power

    Shanghai WJ believe that our prices in China will be considered within the low price range but at the same time giving good quality fabrics.

    Our price list given below are using the exchange rate of Bank Of China and will update the prices frequently.


    Price List of 100% Cotton Combed Yarn 58" Width Fabrics only (estimated)
    Cotton Yarn Type Density (Warp x Weft) (MIN) Prices to FOB Shanghai
    40 x 40 120 x 80 US$2.10 per meter
    50 x 50 144 x 80 US$2.35 per meter
    80/2 x 40 130 x 90 US$2.60 to US$3.00 per meter
    80/2 x 80/2 130 x 90 US$2.80 to US$3.20 per meter
    *please note that prices are using exchange rate dated 13th November 2006



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