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These designs are carefully manufactured by the measurements given by our clients. Shanghai WJ is capable of manufacturing any customized designs given. For the shirt stitching, we fine tuned our sewing machines so that our shirts produced will not have obvious crumpled lines.

We enjoy listening to our customer needs so we can produce what they are expecting for. Shanghai WJ pursue 100% satisfaction from every customer that walks into our office.

Necktie works as a bridge between corporate business wear and casual dress codes. While designing neckwear for your company a complete study is undertaken to understand your needs and demands. The designs are created in mind the nature of your business, corporate vision, the fashion trend and local sensibilities. The neckwear can contain the company logo, name, trademark, product name or picture. All the items are produced to give your company the identity which it deserves at the same time a distinct and sophisticated look is created which is demanded in the corporate hierarchy.


Apart from made to order corporate neckwear, we also import Italian Neckwear for the top management level and for corporate gifting, which includes:

- Woven Silk and Printed Silk Neckties - Fine International Stripes, Classic Motifs and Intricate Jacquards.

- Woven Polyester and Printed Neckties For Durable and Economical Daily Wear, In Classical, Modern and Conventional Designs and Colours.

- High Class Plated Tie Clips



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