Our Services

Shanghai WJ business partners now only cover Asia Pacific, we hope that in the near future we can have business partners covering over to Northern America and Eastern European Countries. It is our tradition to treat all our clients with priority. Shanghai WJ has always been well-liked by our existing customers as we have 100% satisfied customers and always deliver our ready to be sold goods on time. Shanghai WJ believe that in this way, our clients will have total confidence cooperating with us.

We follow every details given by our clients, from manufacturing to packaging and finally shipping. We make sure every piece of garments manufactured are the correct measurements instructed.

Shanghai WJ recently is producing our own textile which the yarns are manufactured by well-known manufacturer in China. This makes our prices more competitive in the whole of China.

We also provide reproducing of textile service. All we need is half a meter of swatches and we have the ability to reproduce the same textile and texture at a lower cost.

Sourcing for gift items are part of our services. We have the ability to source for low cost gift items like body towels, metal flask, mini-radios, USB storage disk, umbrellas and etc.

Expanding Services

As we are an bilingual between English and Mandarin spoken firm, we like to make use of this advantage to help clients source for products as well. As good customer service has made our existence in China firm, we have many other trustworthy partners that are manufacturing other products which we can quote a competitive price in China.


Shanghai WJ will require our clients or customers to sign a contract with us for every orders made which is to ensure our goods are to be delivered on time. We believe in handing in on time is our first priority.


Fengye Building, No.238 Tianjin Road. 5th Floor, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China 200001 E-mail: sales@swj-cn.com