Shanghai WJ is an international trading company with professional expertise in shirt manufacturing. It is a professional English spoken company which has been established since the early 90's. Although it is only a decade old, we have professionals over 20 years of experience in formal and casual shirt manufacturing. Our company mainly export shirts to South-east Asian countries. We also like to expand our business to Northern America and Eastern European Countries. Although Shanghai WJ holds foreign talent employees, our prices are very competitive within the whole of China.

Shanghai WJ specializes in many different areas of men's fashion: Blazers, Ties, Long sleeve shirts, Trousers, Knit Wear and Clothing Accessories.

Shanghai WJ owns a factory with more than 300 employees manufacturing men's shirts only. Our monthly ability to manufacture ready to be sold business shirts is estimated of 80,000 pieces. With our newest and most cost efficient sewing machines from Japan and China, our shirts are on par with other high class shirts manufactured by other high cost companies. We also modify our sewing machines to manufacture the best looking shirts in the market today.

Our Customers

We treat every of our customers with priority. No matter how much quantity customer order from us, Shanghai WJ will give our professional customer service to them.

Currently Shanghai WJ has customers from serveral countries such as:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Bangladesh
  • Australia

Our Accessories

Our accessories includes Neck-ties, Cufflinks and Handkerchiefs. We have many corporate partners having high grades ISO proven materials that made into high class ties and handkerchief. Custom embroidery onto these accessories are also available.


Fengye Building, No.238 Tianjin Road. 5th Floor, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China 200001 E-mail: